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 2016 SCHEDULE        |       Full Descriptions Below

Wednesday July 6

Project Project
1818 Vinton St.

Friday July 8 (cont.)

Milk Run
1907 Leavenworth St.

Thursday July 7

5:00PM (FREE)
Joslyn Art Museum
2200 Dodge St.
7:30PM (21+)
House of Loom
1012 South 10th st.

Friday July 8

1111 Jones St.

Saturday July 9

12:00-3:00PM (FREE)
1111 Jones St.
1111 Jones St.

Saturday July 9 (cont.)

The Slowdown
729 N. 14th St.
Bemis Center for Contemporary Art
724 S. 12th St. 

Event Details

Project Project

July 6, 7:30PM

Kicking off the 3rd annual Omaha Under the Radar Festival is an evening of experimental performances hosted by Project Project. Patchwork have developed an engaging repertoire for saxophone and percussion, and will share their latest commission by Eric Wubbels. Mighty Vitamins continually surprise with homemade instruments and a penchant for exploration. FOCI bring the introspection with a devastating set of music featuring "Strang Autumn" by Steven Tagasugi and new works by Ray Evanoff. The self-created work of KATES is quickly morphing into a beautiful hybrid of music, movement, and theatre. And finally, the beautiful, eclectic weirdos of MISERS remind us what our deep listening brains are for:


Mighty Vitamins

FOCI: Through the Looking Glass


Screaming Plastic


Joslyn Art Museum

Juy 7, 5:00PM

Enjoy vibrant performances of music and dance throughout the Joslyn Art Museum Campus. Seen/Heard trio collect human emotion and spin it back to us through sound. Omaha clarinetist Samuel Bertino explores innovative new composition for the instrument. Lori Reckling is a tuned-in composer from Omaha, who shares her work through talented students at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Allison Balcetis returns to her hometown to present trailblazing works for the saxophone. We're excited to present a world premiere by celebrated composer Stacey Barelos in partnership with the Joslyn Art Museum's exhibit of works by Shelia Hicks. New Muse Piano Duo join forces on a single piano. And Oracle Hysterical, a super group of musicians from around the country, are shattering our conceptions of Baroque instruments and techniques with their original music.


5:00-6:00pm | Galleries and Fountain Court


"thread, stitch, weave, bind" by Stacey Barelos  (Sheila Hicks Exhibit)

Mason Hangen, Katelyn Kukoly, violins

Sophia Potter, Hannah Mayer, cellos

Allison Balcetis, saxophone (Strauss Bridge)                                      

Samuel Bertino, clarinet     (Strauss Bridge)

KNOW by Lori Reckling      (Gallery 4)

Seen/Heard Trio               (Fountain Court)


6:00-7:00pm | Auditorium


New Muse Piano Duo

Oracle Hysterical

House of Loom

July 7, 7:30PM

House of Loom hosts trailblazing artists, fulfilling our craving for gnarly electronics and beautiful cocktails. James Bruch, with electronic musician Jon Field, constructs gorgeous soundscapes with his cello. Eris Koleszar explores our connections to technology in a hyper-personal set. A Grafter will blow our minds with their new music for classicaly trained voices and live electronics. Daniel Wyche creates massive sonic sculptures using live manipulation of guitar. Completing the evening is composer and imprivser Dereck Higgins.:

James Burch

Eris Kolezar


Daniel Wyche

Dereck Higgins


July 8, 6:00PM

KANEKO opens its doors to keyboard and plucked instrument poets. Nathalie Colas and Joanne Cho will bring us into the delicate world of their long-time collaboration. Liz Pearse and Stacey Barelos will showcase their virtuosity with modern masterworks by Helmut Lachenmann and Annie Gosfield. Soundboard have developed new repertoire for guitar and harp, with a keen ear for novel sound worlds.Pianist Ju-Ping Song is disarmingly intense and poetic, gleaning every possible color from the instrument.


Nathalie Colas and Joanne Cho

Liz Pearse and Stacey Barelos


Ju-Ping Song

Bemis Center for Contemporary Art

July 8, 6:00PM


The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art will open their space to performance and media artists at the forefront in live-arts exploration. Contemporary saxophonist Jacob Kopcienski is developing a highly personal and expansive repertoire combining poetry, theatre, and music performance. Kyle Johnson's video work showcases contemporary and experimental ideas through the lens of a trained documentarian.On Structure, a collaboration between media artists, composers, and musicians Jessie Marino and Natacha Diels, is some of the highest-level conceptual performance work we've experienced.  

Kyle Johnson

Jacob Kopcienski

On Stucture



Milk Run

July 8, 8:00PM

Bask in the intimacy of Milk Run with up-close performances by introspective and thoughtful solo artists. Ammie Brod dives into the unexplored depths of viola colors with an electroacoustic set assisted by Jon Fielder. Thomas Snydacker worked closely with composer Carolyn O'Brien on a gritty new solo work for saxophone. Omaha native Jared Brown returns home to perform an impressive set for percussionist and spacially-triggered electronics. Jim Fusik of Minot, ND carries the tradition of Avant-garde saxophone performance with a new work by Ravi Kittappa. Omaha-based Big Slur architect complex and clever soundscapes that draw the listener in.  


Ammie Brod

Thomas Snydacker

Jared Brown

Jim Fusik

Big Slur


July 9, 12:00pm

The festival returns to KANEKO's glorious space, which will be filled to capacity with invigorating movement, sound, and theatre by innovative artists. Featuring a performance of Steve Reich's masterwok "Drumming" performed by the UNO Percussion Ensemble. 

Omaha wunderkind Max Sparber taps into KANEKO's summer exhibition theme "Storytelling" with original stories of the American west. C.O.P.E. is a new piece by local choreographer Jay Markel which deals with his own personal struggles and triumphs. Lincoln Dance Center return to perform new works by chorepgraphers Monya DeBoer and Sara Brown. Bent Frequency from Atlanta bring their own brand of experimental chamber music. 

Plus, enjoy a sound installation by composer Jason Charney using amplified singing bowls. 

12:00-3:00 | First Floor (free)

A sound installation by Jason Charney

C.O.P.E by Ja'Taun Pratt

Lincoln Dance Center

Bent Frequency

Stacey Barelos

3:00 | Bowtruss

UNO Percussion Ensemble plays "Drumming" by Steve Reich


July 9, 7:30pm

Finishing out the third annual festival are high-impact experimental multimedia artists, dancers, and musicians. Bus Gas create beautiful and distinct ambient soundscapes. Radical 2 integrate sound, technology, and theatre in performances that resist our perception. tbd. Dance Collective continually prove that they are at the forefront of creative movement work, and have the chops to back it up; we are thrilled for them to perform their latest work at the festival. Guitarist Terrance McManus' work explores many influences, including jazz and improvisation, creating massively colorful music. Showcasing the incredible dance percussion instaclassic work of Steve Snowden, Owen Weaver and Rosalyn Nasky bring their high-enery virtuosity to Omaha. 


Closing out the festival is a group performance of Frederic Rzewski's "Les Moutons de Panurge" led by Bassoons Accross Nebraska.


Radical 2

Bus Gas

tbd Dance Collective

Terrence McManus

Owen Weaver and Rosalyn Nasky

Les Moutons de Panurge

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