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Stacey Barelos: Pianist and Educator

Omaha Native, Stacey Barelos, moved back to the area last year and has been diving in to projects ever since. Along with teaching at the Omaha Conservatory of Music and Iowa Western Community College, she has produced solo shows, performed on the first annual OUTR Festival, and linked up with several collaborators in the area. Here are her thoughts on OUTR 2015...

For an Omaha native and an experimental musician, Under the Radar is like Christmas. I'm excited to play several roles this year.:

-San Francisco-based artist Danny Clay and I are hard at work organizing the first ever camp for Under the Radar titled the Soundry. An experimental music camp for students ages 12-16, campers will have a chance to compose, improvise and build instruments. A special highlight will be the "noise parade" taking place in downtown Omaha on Saturday, June 11th. Want to participate? Bring an instrument or something to bang on and (if you're so inclined) an obnoxious hat. Special thanks to Kaneko for hosting this year's camp.

-Our Joslyn concert on July 9th coincides with their local artist exhibit ART SEEN and I'm feverishly finishing a piece inspired by one of the artists, Ying Zhu. Be sure to stop by the exhibit before or after the music!

-I'm elated to be performing again this year, not just on our electrifying group concerts but with a toy piano set at Barley's on June 10th. Included will be pieces by Toronto composer Monica Pearce and sound artist Anthony T. Marasco.

See you there!

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