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Explore music making through an experimental lens.




Welcome to Soundry!


Based in Omaha, NE, we offer sound-focused workshops throughout the midwest.

A sample of our workshops:

  • Soundscaping. A form of music composition, we create a variety of creative soundscapes with traditional and DIY instruments.

  • Instrument Building. Some of our past instruments include didgeridoos, thumb pianos, rain sticks, many world percussion instruments and more!

  • Deep Listening: Deep listening workshops introduce students to intensive listening practices. Upper level workshops also incorporate body work and an exploration of dreaming practices.

  • DIY music technology: Do you feel overwhelmed by music technology? We offer workshops on a variety of topics often through a DIY lens.

Want more information?

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2019 SOUNDRY Participants perform original

pieces at Joslyn Art Museum

Photo by Ben Semisch

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